Carole G. Vogel

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Why Mount St. Helens Blew Its Top

by Carole G. Vogel and Kathryn A. Goldner
illustrated by Roberta Aggarwal

mtsthelencvrOn May 8, 1980, Mount St. Helens erupted in a display of volcanic force that claimed at least sixty-five lives. In this book, illustrated with dynamic full-color photographs, the authors provide a dramatic blow-by-blow account of the eruption and its devastating aftermath. The enormous explosive force of volcanoes is clearly explained in words and diagrams, and the stories of other famous volcanoes—Krakatoa, Mount Vesuvius, Mont Pele –are told from the perspective of the people who lived near them. Finally, the volcanoes in the Cascade Mountain Range are examined. Which volcano is likely to erupt next? And when will Mount St. Helens blow its top again?


Praise for Why Mount St. Helens Blew Its Top:

“A very good account of the volcano’s eruption…with just the right balance of sensationalism and scientific fact to capture the attention of nearly any age. There are very fine dramatic photographs—some in color—that heighten excitement and interest, and diagrams to make crystal clear every explained fact. Best of all, these come in exactly the right place in the text so there is a minimum of confusion, even in the most technical spots…This is a very good piece of work.” – Appraisal

“With Mount St. Helens serving as a vivid example, the authors explore the causes and kinds of volcanoes and look to see what other mountains on the North American continent might be potential hot spots. The North American slant is timely, and the close-up coverage of Mount St. Helens and its aftermath will be useful…” – ALA Booklist


  • Published by Dillon Press, Inc. 1981
  • 88 pages
  • Grades 3-8
  • ISBN 0-87518-219-4
  • Full-color and black-and-white photographs
  • Full-color maps and diagrams