Carole G. Vogel

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Shifting Shores

by Carole G. Vogel

Shifting Shores

Read about ancient sunken cities that lie beneath the ocean, and learn about modern-day cities which may drown in the near future. You may be surprised by the causes of their demise. The ground beneath our feet may feel rigid and unmovable but the Earth’s thin, outer crust is broken into large slabs called tectonic plates. The plates move relative to each other, colliding, ripping apart, or scraping past each other. Learn how this tectonic jostling reshapes coastlines and unleashes the world’s cruelest natural disasters—monster earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanic eruptions. Can a gigantic rock from space wipe out life as we know it?

When Carole Vogel was researching Shifting Shores, she became convinced that it was only a matter of time before a hurricane would destroy New Orleans. She even changed her family’s vacation plans so her children could see the famous city before it was destroyed. Her prediction of New Orleans’s ruin was published in Shifting Shores in 2003, two years before Hurricane Katrina devastated the city. Vogel based her prediction on numerous scientific studies, which had received wide coverage in newspapers and magazines.

If a children’s book writer living in Massachusetts could plainly see a catastrophe in the making, why weren’t the city, state, and federal government officials in charge of emergency planning for New Orleans better prepared? They had access to the same information and more. Hurricane Katrina could not be stopped but the deaths and needless suffering were preventable.

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Praise for The Restless Sea: Shifting Shores

Shifting Shores is jam-packed with fun and educational facts.”
–Diana Bennett, reviewer for Midwest Book Review

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