Carole G. Vogel

Writer • Researcher • Family History Specialist

Breast Cancer: Questions & Answers for Young Women

by Carole G. Vogel



Originally published in 1995 as Will I Get Breast Cancer? Questions & Answers for Teenage Age Girls , this book was the winner of the 1996 Joan Fassler Memorial Book Award, given by Association for the Care of Children’s Health to recognize an outstanding contribution to children’s literature dealing with health-related issues.

This important, valuable resource for teenage girls and other women has been completely updated to reflect the great strides made in the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer.


Praise for the new edition:

“Breast cancer is a scary subject for nearly everyone, and this author is up to the task of writing a book for teenagers that is both frank and reassuring… The new edition has been updated to reflect strides in diagnosis, treatment, and research.”  —Children’s Literature

“An extremely informative guide for young women about the myths and realties of the causes and course of breast cancer. To its credit, the book is not merely about breast cancer per se, but about the physiology of breasts and human reproduction. This [is] a very valuable resource for young, as well as older women.” —The New Advocate

“An excellent reference, this handbook provides thorough information on breast physiology, function, health, and disease in a question-and-answer format. The author opens with typical concerns of teen girls, such as size and development, sexual response, and responding to wisecrack from boys… Two pivotal chapter address the myriad emotional and physical issues when one’s mother has breast cancer. The final chapter wraps up with current research and optimism for the future.”—School Library Journal

“This well-written book should be especially appreciated by a teenaged member of a family with breast cancer.” —Science Books and Film



  • Named an Outstanding Science Trade Book by the National Science Teachers Association and Children’s Book Council (NSTA-CBC) in 2002
  • Selected as a Bank Street College Best Children’s Book of the Year 2002
  • Placed on the New York Library Books for the Teen Age 2002 list
  • Named a “Top Ten” Nonfiction Title by the Pennsylvania School Librarians Association in 2002
  • 2002 Winner of the Will Solimene Award of Excellence in Medical Communication
  • Placed on the Kansas State Reading Circle Recommended Reading List for 2002-2003
  • Placed on the Best Books for Junior High and High School by AAAS Science Books & Films in 2001